Kyoto Furnished Apartment: Long term accommodation in the center of Kyoto. All rooms have air-con, private shower and toilet inside!


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Located in downtown Kyoto

The Furnished Apartment

Monthly accommodation with ensuite

All rooms are ensuite with kitchinette and air conditioned!

Room at The Furnished Apartment Kyoto

Picture = Special Double Ensuite Room

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The Furnished Apartment - Kyoto, Japan

Location- 5 mins walk from Gojo Sta. and 7 mins walk from Shijo Sta! Located in downtown Kyoto!
Facilities- Ensuite, Air-con, Private Kitchen, wifi, Laundry etc.
Service- Free wifi, 365 days entryphone access to manager.
Reservation (accept from 30days)
We are sorry that we are going to close down here in March 2017.
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ADD: 34 Hinoshita-cho, Takakura-dori, Matsubara-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; zip 600-8087
TEL: from over sea +81-90-6660-7645 , inside Japan 090-6660-7645
FAX: from over sea +81-75-361-8890 , inside Japan 075-361-8890

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