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We will open new establishment CAPSULE RYOKAN on Feb 23rd 2010.
Ensuite Twin Rooms (3,990 yen/pp) and Tatami Capsules (3,500 yen)!!

Muy accesible :2450yen. Solo 9 minutos a pie de la estation "Kioto". Buenas instalaciones y atmosfera amigable. Tour Club
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Kyoto Albergues : Albergue Tour Club Kyoto, Japon- Jardines de grava

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Albergue Tour Club Kyoto

Precios- Dormitorio 2,450yen, Double 3,490yen/pp, Twin 3,885yen/pp, Triple 2,960-3,245yen/pp, Quad 2,930yen/pp, Family 2,996-3,245yen/pp Excelente ubicacion - Solo 9 minutos a pie de la estation "Kioto"
Buenas instalaciones - Aire acondcionado, Internet, Bicicletas etc.
Atmosfera amigable - Se habla ingles, Servicio de cafe, Jardines de grava.
Muy limpio - Hemos abierto recientemente (nuevas)!
Reservas Thank you! (in Ingles)
Capsule Ryokan Kyoto Kyoto Ryokan-style guesthouse / Hostel - BUDGET INN GUESTHOUSE in Kyoto Kyoto Furnsihed Apartment - for long stay in Kyoto
If above inquiry system does not work, please inform us following information by email.
1)Name: 2)Number of people: 3)Sex:*male(s), *female(s) 4)Age: 5)Check-in date: 6)Number of nights: 7)Room types: 8)Phone number: 9)Nationality: 10)Flight arrival: Date, Time, Airport: *You can copy 1)..10) and paste them into email.
email: Thank you!

ADD: 362 Momijicho, Higashinakasuji, Shomensagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL/FAX (Please contact us in English NOT in Japanese please.)
+81-75-353-6968(from over sea), 075-353-6968(inside Japan)

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