Kyoto Itinerary and Day Trips from Kyoto!!

More than 50% of Japanfs World Cultural Heritages are inside Kyoto s; and great day-trip cities such as Nara ޗ, Osaka , Hiroshima A, Kobe _ and Himeji PH are just right next door to Kyoto.

We made original itinerary for the Tour Club Guests (please check out below).
Do not miss this chance!!

Kyoto Itinerary

There are 1,600 temples and 400 shrines in Kyoto, so it is impossible to see all of Kyotofs famous sights in a few days.

On the other hand, our guestsf average stays are roughly four nights, so we have picked up Best 12 Sights for our guests and noted down in a "Four days Plan".

We also made Evening Plan and Half day Plan s for the Check-in day and Check-out day.
* We located in the North West of Kyoto Station and right among the useful bus stops.
It really makes these plans possible!!

- Four days Plan sls >> See details

- Evening Plan & Half day Plan s >> See details

If you are planning to go to Osaka , Hiroshima A, Himeji PH and Kobe _, we would highly recommend you to base yourself in Kyoto. Please see details in below.

Day Trips from Kyoto!!

We located only a 9 mins walking distance from the Kyoto main station. The Tour Club can be the great base for taking day trips to the other main cities in western Japan!

Good news await when you base yourself here at Tour Club

- No need for switching accommodations every other day.

- No need for packingcunpackingc re-packingc etc.

- Saves you time from the tedious work of searching for accommodations and making reservations with them.

- Saves you time from finding the actual place on the map with a two-ton bag on your shoulders.

The train and bus information (From Kyoto Station)

- Osaka : 28 mins (JR) >> See details

- Hiroshima A: 113 mins (JR Hikari) >> See details

- Himeji PH: 90 mins (JR), Kobe _: 50 mins (JR) >> See details

- Nara ޗ: 47 mins (JR), Uji F: 27 mins (JR) >> See details

- Ohara 匴: 63 mins (bus), Mt.Hiei bR: 66 mins (bus) >> See details

- Lake Biwa i: 9 mins (JR) >> See details

Tour Club Kyoto -RESERVATION-
Reservation inquiry Please click here Thank you!

If above inquiry system does not work, please inform us following information by email.
1)Name: 2)Number of people: 3)Sex:*male(s), *female(s) 4)Age: 5)Check-in date: 6)Number of nights: 7)Room types: 8)Phone number: 9)Nationality: 10)Flight arrival: Date, Time, Airport: *You can copy 1)..10) and paste them into email.
email: tourclub@kyotojp.com Thank you!

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