Service of Tour Club- Kyoto Accomodation -

Good Facilities

- Air conditioning & Heating in all rooms. (Of course FREE of charge to use)

- Beautiful Zen Gardens

- Cozy Japanese style Living Room. (with BILINGUAL TV)

- Internet Service (Cheap & Fast: Unlike other place, we have an ENGLISH KEYBOARD)

- Coin Laundry (200 yen for washing: washing powder is FREE!)

- International Pay Phone (We have Very Cheap Phone Card too.)

Good Service and Friendly Atmosphere

- Friendly English Speaking Staff (ALL STAFF speak English, some staff speak French.)

- FREE Coffee & Tea

- Free Kimono dress up service -- Female only

Great Location!

- Only a 9 minutes walk from Kyoto main station.
* You won't have to waste transportation fee (city bus cost 440yen for return) & your times, and also you won't have to worry about navigating an unfamiliar bus or subway system when you first arrive!

- Very quiet! Even though we are close to the station, we located quiet residential area, so you will have a quiet night. This is important!

- Since about 95% of sight seeing spots are in the north side of Kyoto Station, we located guesthouse in the north side of Kyoto Sta for convenience.

- Conveniently located by the World Cultural Heritages- recognized by UNESCO.

-Because we are close to the Kyoto main station, you can make day trips to other cities! (Time is from Kyoto Sta.-JR Line is FREE for ''JR Pass'' holders)
* 27 min to Osaka by JR line (540 Yen)
* 40 min to Nara by JR (690 yen) or Kintetsu line (610 Yen)
* 38 min to Himeji by JR (Shinkansen) line (4,430 Yen)
* 120 min to Hiroshima by JR (Shinkansen) line (10,290 yen)

- Around Tour Club
* 7 min walk to the Tourist Information Center (You can get a city map and any information for FREE)
* 15-18 min by bicycle to Gion (famous for Geisha) & Kiyomizu Temple (World Cultural Heritage)
* 2 min walk to Nishihonganji Temple (World Cultural Heritage)
* 6 min by bike to Toji Temple (World Cultural Heritage)
* 10 min by bike to Nijo Castle (World Cultural Heritage)
* 4 min walk to the Super Market
* 2 min walk to Sento 'Spa' (350 yen)

Guesthouse Tour Club Kyoto -RESERVATION-

Reservation inquiry Please click here Thank you!

If above inquiry system does not work, please inform us following information by email.
1)Name: 2)Number of people: 3)sex: *male(s), *female(s) 4)Age: 5)Check-in date: 6)Number of nights: 7)Room types: 8)Phone number: 9)Nationality: 10)Flight info: ) You can copy 1)..10) and paste them into email.
email: tourclub@kyotojp.com Thank you!

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