Grand renewal opened in March 2004! Why don't you try Japanese-style guesthouse here in Kyoto! We are discribed in many guidebooks as the best guesthouse among Kyoto guesthouses. -All private room has private shower and toilet. You can enjoy zen garden and Japanese culture, too!-


About Tour Club Kyoto Guesthouse

Owner's Profile

Name Keiji Shimizu
1970 Born in Ibaraki pref.(NE of Tokyo)
1992 BA degree in economics at University in Tokyo
1992-1999 Chief creator of system planning department at Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd.
2000 Owner and manager, of the guesthouse Tour Club Kyoto

Why he opened the Tour Club Kyoto?

When he was a university student, he was a backpacker, and he visited more than 30 countries.

During his travels, he always stayed at guesthouses & cheap accomodations and he enjoyed meeting people from different countries.

In every country he could find such guesthouse quite easily, but here in Japan, there are very few of them (especially around the central train station), so the early 1990s he decided to open a guesthouse here in Kyoto.

At the time he did not have enough money, so he worked for a well known insurance company for eight years to build up capital.

In 1999 he quit his job at the insurance company and finally in 2000 he opened guesthouse the Tour Club Kyoto. (He still have more than 20years loan though.)

What's this guesthouse's idea?

The guesthouse is based in part on ideas that the owner learnt while travelling.

1. Price

We wanted our price to be affordable for foreign visitor. (Our prices are cheaper than YHAs in Kyoto)

2. The Japanese experiences

We think the biggest purpose of the travel is enjoying (and feeling) different culture.
So we made our guesthouse in Japanese-style and arranged some Japanese spaces & services, so that our guests can enjoy Japanese culture during their stay.

a. Tatami private rooms--As you can see the details in below, we have Japanese-style private rooms (floor bed on tatami) and they have a wall TV inside (this is kind of a neo-Japanese culture).

b. Zen Garden--Traditional houses in Kyoto have a narrow front and long back.(The main reason being that a long time ago, Kyoto's residence tax was decided by the length of the house front.)
This is why people had a courtyard garden in middle of the house, which allowed for light, fresh air and visual freshness. So we created one inside the guesthouse.

c. Japanese-style living room--Most Japanese houses have a traditional living room with tatami mats, a low table and Japanese cushions. We installed this living room so that guests could experience comfort in the Japanese style.

d. Kimono Try--Every female guests can try on kimono, during their stay for free of charge.

3. Location

a.We wanted our location to be within walking distance of the main station.

*We know that people don't want to worry about navigating an unfamiliar bus or subway system when they first arrive!

b. We wanted to locate the guesthouse in the quiet & safe area because we know that quietly is the most important thing for guests sleep and safety is indispensable for enjoyable stays.

*Tour Club is located between Nishi-honganji and Higashi-honganji temple where is one of the safest & cleanest areas around the Kyoto Station.

c. Since about 95% of sight seeing spots are in the north side of Kyoto Station, we located guesthouse in the north side of Kyoto Station for convenience.

4. Cleanliness

We wanted our rooms to be clean and comfortable.
(We've got the highest ranking for cleanliness by Welcome-Inn-Group's* questionnaire.)

*Welcome-Inn is managed by national organization and about 800 guesthouses & budget accommodations belong to the Welcome-Inn.

5. Bed rooms

a. Dorm rooms--We limit the number of people to four or six in a room so that guests will have a comfortable and quiet sleep. Every room has luggage space inside (Because international travelers have big luggages, without the luggage space the room will be unconfortable.).

b. Japanese Private rooms (Japanese-style with bath)--Japanese-style room (Tatami mats, Futon beds and Japanese lanterns) with private bath and toilet.
* For convenience, we have made the toilet in the western style: same as common toilets for dorm rooms.

c. Western Private rooms (with private shower)--For budget travelers, we have prepared western private rooms with private shower and TV.

6. Dining room

We have created a western dining area so that guests could eat using seating that is most comfortable for them.

7. Air-conditioning

Kyoto's summer is very hot and Kyoto's winter is very cold, so we arranged air-con in every rooms. (using for free)

8. Other Facilities

For convenience, we have Internet Access, Bicycle Rental, Coin Laundry, Refrigerator, Microwave, International Pay phone and Free Tea & Coffee Service.

Guesthouse Tour Club Kyoto -RESERVATION-

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